Thursday, April 19

Shell Pasta w/Pepperjack Cheese Sauce & Diced Onions

This was my first recipe I've ever done on my own, just me and NO cookbook!. I love it, and apparently so does everyone else, haha! I was only 15, when I made this, so excuse it if it sounds alittle off the edge, but I know it's delicious, try it out for yourself!
~David Lavigne

  • 1st:  You'll need some SHELL PASTA (reg. size)
    (Arent these guys a nice reminder of the beach you wish you were at right now?)

  • 2nd: You'll also want PEPPERJACK CHEESE

(Dont worry put the water pitchers back, this guy wont burn your throat out!)

  • 3rd: All your basic ingredients for a ROUX

Some butter...

Some flour...

Some milk...


Some sea salt...


Yep! Thats right, the bad ass onion. Hurts everyone's feelings =(


* Start your pasta, and let boil while stirring on occasion. In the meantime, grab a saucepan, add butter, cheese, wines, milk, onion powder, and salt & pepper. Cheese should melt into milk and butter, become a liquid and into unison with sauce, not chunky. Lightly grease a skillet. Add chopped onions to the skillet and sauté until lightly browned and crisped, still leaving a translucent appearance. Check your pasta. If finished, strain and coat with oil or butter to keep from sticking. Once onions have reached they’re stage, add into sauce pan. Mix well and let cook for 5 minutes. When your time is up, remove saucepan from stove and pour upon pasta. Toss lightly to coat. Serve hot. This makes a great side, appetizer or as well as an entrée. Serve with appropriate baked or toasted bread, and a side salad. Garnish pasta with Parmesan and parsley for a nice presentation.

Feeling a little romance coming on?

Monday, April 16

...H3Y there fell0w f0ll0w3rz!!

H0wZ it g0!ng??! Hopefully all is well in UR k!tchen as it is in ours. Tricia & I just wanted 2 stop by & drop a n3w updAte 2 0ur bl0g a/b s0me of the awes0me content we will B p0s+!ng 4 our fanZ =)
ChEck !T 0u+!


LT: write it out:  So this little post will be known as "write it out". We all know, im sure, that some dayz R krazier than others. Agreed? So I thought. Now what better way to cope with these nutty 24 hours than  to "write it out" on your blog with a bottle of your fave vodka, rock music and some pizza? I cant say no to that! xD
 It's more like a journal entry really...but alot more relieving and fun.

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