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This is just a page that we really like to show our fans that we really want them to try new things as well as us supporting other chefs, and their restaurants. And also the wife and I have go out on a "date" almost every other week. Plus, it's our W.D.Y.E.F.N post.We post as much as we can trying new things out and spreading the word if we like it. Check it out!

April 27th, 2012

Here, the wife and I had a brunch with each other. It was like FirstWatch Breakfast Cafe, but man! They had their own thing going on. I had a burger I never thought possible. It was mediteranean in greek form. If your familiar with the gyros sandwich, this was exactly what it tasted like, but it was all mixed and mashed into in all american classic lunch out: the burger. A mediteranean burger. Flipping amazing!!

>>>then right around the corner>>>

Next Tricia and I went over to this little cupcake store (which she had pointed out) named:
O.   M.   G.   !!!
Really glad we went.
It melts in your mouth. This particular cupcake was "Caramels & Pretzels". For those of you who enjoy sweet and salty items, this is your drive. Here's a picture of the best cupcake EVER.

 *Be sure to visit the sites by clicking on the links! (the titles.)


May 4th, 2012

This day was great! We went to a sports bar and grill right in a corner of Valley Park, Missouri.
The both of us wanted to try something new again (of course! it's date night.)
My wife and I had went into the bar and it had a nice atmosphere inside. More for the guys than the girls I would say, but we actually saw alot of families there eating in groups of 6-12. Anyways, we sat down and our waitress greeted us and we couldnt decide what to eat!! She kept running back and forth to see if we were ready...we felt alittle bad for her, haha! =) Finally, my wife decided on a peppercorn bacon burger and aside of fries and I got a really good mexican burger and a side of homemade chips.
 Another different-world-burger newbie for those of you who read the last post. Here we go from Greece to Mexico! This one burger in particular was called the "Ariba". Cheese kaiser roll, pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo, and jalpano slices. Spicy and terrific.
Here are the pix...

The place.
...and unfortunately the picture of our food would be here, but my battery died. =(
So just visit the awesome website and check out their menu. Nice stuff on there!
Farewell until our next date guys...
Eat well.

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