David & Tricia


Tricia and I are the Lavigne's. Just your ordinary couple, who like to cook it up! Everyday we are always thinking of ways to be creative for our fanz. New recipes, new foods, new tastes. That's our passionate goal. Hopefully with the help of you we will gain true support with this as someday we would like to very much open our own restaurant. (Title for it is still undecided.) Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out in the kitchen: we wanna be there for you! =) Ask for requests on recipes, email us your own if your looking for a "different version" of your favorite recipe or even how to better your "not so appetizing" recipes (yes, that includes the kids and their veggies lol), or even just to show off and premiere in our bloggy spotlight, "Oven of FAME"!

We are very experimental and adventurous, but that isnt saying that we dont enjoy the healthy lifestyle. It's just not the main focus, we want to step out of the box and let you know that food is limitless and you can eat something different everyday! This is really our digital scrapbook/notebook/cookbook. No more "same old same old", "promises promises", "I've had this before"s. Kiss those old dishes good bye and get ready for a whole new ride of taste on your buds!
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