Thursday, April 26

The Heat Is Back On! So that means...REFRESHMENTS!!!

Mixed Berry "Smaquiri's"

We were waiting for the cold and rainy spring days to drift away...and finally! These past 2 days have been everywhere from perfect to almost HOT. YAY!!! We've been dying to present this weather perfect post. It's a great mash up from a daquiri to a fruit smoothie. Who is going to say no to a cold treat in 90o temps? NOT US! So please try, enjoy and comment!

**Dont forget to leave a comment on what your going to eat Friday night! (thats tomorrow folks!)

*::Let's get started!::*

*1 cup blackberries
                                       *1 cup strawberries
                        *1 cup Raspberry Vodka (Smirnoff works, too.)
                                *2 limes (fresh squeezed juice.)

                                      *1 cup of vanilla ice cream

                                       *1/2 cup of white sugar

*1/2 cup of cranberries

 *3 tblsp. of rum

      ?Ready to cool off?

  Just combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve in a frozen glass.
 (The above recipe obviously contains alcohol, so please drink responsibly!)

Tuesday, April 24

So Little Time, So Many Hungry Tummys!

                       Buffalo Chicken "Spaghetti"                                 

 I completely understand that we have busy lifestyles and some of us really don't want to spend all of our lives in the kitchen. Nowadays the kitchen is more "get in and get out". I get that; even we get crammed with busy work and school schedules where we just have to spread and smash together the classic PB& J and race out the door. Not to mention the shitty economy and government that doesn't give a damn about us- we can not always eat out, so this is easy on your budget, too!

All the simple things you will need:
Boiled and Shredded Chicken
(If frozen, thaw 24 hours in advance)

Boiled Al Dente Ramen Noodles (3 packs can last you about 3-7 days)

Plain Cream Cheese (you can go fat free)

This wont be spicy, so don't runaway!

1/2 cup of cold white milk

Don't worry, it wont ruin your breath.

Ready to get this thing started?!

3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Boil in water with garlic sea salt.
 When finished cooking, shred with your fingers.

Add milk to your saucepan immediately after turning up the heat. Then add your 2 bars of
cream cheese and the whole bottle of hot sauce. Stir consistently until creamy and well blended. When finished quickly shut of heat, continuing to stir. Liquid mixture will pop and cause burns.

Boil your 3 packs unseasoned noodles in hot water until Al dente.


So now with all that HEAVY HARD work out they way, here's where it gets creative and delicious!

 1 MEAL.
3 WAYS. 

1. This dish can be used either hot or cold.  To reheat and eat the spaghetti, microwave or stove top with a little hot water or cold milk, and stir until the heat melts the cheese.

2.Or you can use it as a cracker topping/chip dip. This is really convenient for work!

3. Sandwich it with Swiss cheese, spinach and toasted or grilled sourdough bread.
Any bag of chips compliment it! =)

Well, that's it. I hope my entry for this week has helped you out in the kitchen for a bit.

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Keep it sizzlin'
Lavigne Team