Thursday, April 26

The Heat Is Back On! So that means...REFRESHMENTS!!!

Mixed Berry "Smaquiri's"

We were waiting for the cold and rainy spring days to drift away...and finally! These past 2 days have been everywhere from perfect to almost HOT. YAY!!! We've been dying to present this weather perfect post. It's a great mash up from a daquiri to a fruit smoothie. Who is going to say no to a cold treat in 90o temps? NOT US! So please try, enjoy and comment!

**Dont forget to leave a comment on what your going to eat Friday night! (thats tomorrow folks!)

*::Let's get started!::*

*1 cup blackberries
                                       *1 cup strawberries
                        *1 cup Raspberry Vodka (Smirnoff works, too.)
                                *2 limes (fresh squeezed juice.)

                                      *1 cup of vanilla ice cream

                                       *1/2 cup of white sugar

*1/2 cup of cranberries

 *3 tblsp. of rum

      ?Ready to cool off?

  Just combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve in a frozen glass.
 (The above recipe obviously contains alcohol, so please drink responsibly!)

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